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Safe. Professional. Challenging.

As an educator, you understand how the world can be your classroom. Encouraging students to learn through travel can help them become well-rounded adults. 

It’s like a magic trick.

We appreciate you and the important work that you do to expand minds and help students grow! We are excited to offer tailored trips for your classroom or student group. We can work with you to design a trip that is special for your group, or we can offer one of our pre-designed trips for your group exclusively.


We recognize the inherent risk in traveling and living abroad, and we take every step to allow for a fulfilling experience while also keeping our participants safe and healthy. We address this in five ways.

1. Student Preparation

Prior to and as a part of the program orientation, we ensure student preparation on safety measures and emergency response plans specific to their travel location. We want students to feel comfortable and know that they are safe. It is our priority to make sure they are confident about the steps we would take together should an unexpected emergency or health issue arise. In this way, we make sure students have a fulfilling and fun program.

2. Staff Training

Alongside our well-designed programs, we prioritize the training of our staff to provide only the best service. All staff are highly trained to handle health and safety concerns and to make sure students have an incredible experience.
Safety is our upmost concern at Kaleidoscope, and we are proactive in prioritizing the health and safety of our participants.

3. Clear Communication Channels

Prior to, and throughout the trip, we provide consistent communication to parents, educators, and students. For each trip, we design an emergency response plan specific to that trip, and we clearly communicate this plan to parents, educators, and students so that all are ready and aware in the rare case that an emergency response would be necessary.

4. Careful Selection of Travel Locations

We define conflict widely, and while it is important to our program to expose students to different types of conflict (social, political, environmental, religious, etc.), we never take students into violent areas of conflict where their safety would be compromised. All of our programs are designed by closely working with area experts, and we carefully choose locations and accommodations with the upmost awareness and with safety at the forefront.

5. The Best Insurance and Emergency Health Care

All participants are provided with the best insurance, including evacuation and emergency health care coverage, for each trip.

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