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Q: Why is Kaleidoscope different from other study abroad and tourism companies?

A: Kaleidoscope is unique in four particular ways.

Realistic Goal: We have a realistic goal for your time abroad—to be able to analyze a conflict through many different perspectives. Many other study abroad companies inflate trips with a false promise to change lives by volunteering for a short period of time, and this can cause more harm than good. Instead, we focus on developing the way students think about and analyze international conflicts and contexts. We believe this will influence lasting change in the long term through educated social action, discussion, and voting. If you are really looking to make a lasting impact, join one of our programs!

Purpose: Our trips are fun AND filled with purpose. All aspects of the program are designed with a purpose—to help you walk away with both a deeper understanding of the social, cultural, religious, environmental,  political, and economic aspects of a society, and the ability to better analyze many types of conflict. 

Analytical Skills: We go beyond simply adding another study abroad program to your resume by focusing on developing your ability to deeply analyze different types of conflicts involving  social, cultural, religious, environmental,  political, and economic aspects.

Magic: We use magic to help students develop the capacity to see and handle all the moving pieces of culture and conflict. Just like a magician who is aware of the intricate pieces of an illusion while the audience only sees the performance, we will work with students to link new magic skills with cultural and conflict analysis skills. It’s like the Rubik’s cube. For someone who has never done it, the Rubik’s cube appears to be so complex and impossible. We will work with your student to see the patterns that lead to aligning the colors of the  social, cultural, religious, environmental,  political, and economic aspects and understanding a society holistically.

Can I apply if I attend high school outside the United States?

We are focused on expanding the way those in the United States think about international issues, so we only accept students who attend schools within the United States.

Are scholarships available?

It is important to us that our trips are available to everyone despite financial situations. While we are working toward offering scholarships in the near future, we do not currently offer any at this time.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please contact us.

Will we have the opportunity to work on learning another language?

You will interact and stay with locals as much as possible and will certainly have the opportunity to work on learning languages although this is not a central part of our program. In some cases dependent on interest, we may organize special opportunities to develop language skills as a part of our larger program goals.

Can I get academic or volunteer credits from participating in Kaleidoscope programs?

Your experience with Kaleidoscope programs will take you far beyond the classroom and will help you to have a lasting positive impact. We are open to working with your school to offer you academic and/or volunteer credit.

What challenges should I expect to face?

We will prepare you for challenges common to studying abroad such as homesickness, culture shock, and language barriers. The challenges you face will be an important part of your growth and development over the trip, and we will be right alongside you to help you successfully overcome them. Our programs are designed to keep you engaged and having fun, and the challenges will make for a richer experience that will leave you with a memorable experience (and asking for more)!

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