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Explore South-American treasures in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile! 

Buenos Aires is one of the world’s magic capitals and the cultural capital of South America. Its top-notch world-famous magicians combined with its fascinating political history makes it a top destination on our list. This effervescent European style city with its own unique Latino flare inspires artists, music, and activists alike. Dive into the rich artistic energy that is unlike any other place in South America. Ready to dance some Tango down the magical cobble stone streets? We are too!

Start the day with some facturas (famous Argentine pastries), a coffee, and dulce de leche (sweet caramel). Spend the day exploring the magic and wonder of this city at cultural sites, museums, Tango dance lessons, and more. Visit the Casa Rosada (Argentina’s pink presidential mansion), and see a show in the ornate Teatro Colón – one of the top 5 concert venues (and top 10 opera houses) in the world! Also if you enjoy high-quality leather at a very cheap price, save some room in your suitcase!

You will learn the story of René Lavand, an Argentine magician with only one hand who after suffering a tragic accident at the age of 10, created a whole new style of magic including his famous “no se puede hacer mas lento” (it can’t be done any slower). You will experience magic at one of Argentina’s secret magic locations, while shopping for one or two tricks at some magic shops.

We will then take a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay and take in the picturesque sites it has to offer. Are you an influencer, photographer, or beautiful Instagram photo lover? This is your place. Enjoy a day-tour exploring the colorful buildings, beach, museums, and relaxing atmosphere, while learning from Uruguay’s favorite magician Daniel Ketchedjian.

Next, we’ll head to Chile! Learn about how Chile became the most economically successful country in South America while struggling with steep income inequality as one of the most unequal industrialized countries in the world. Dig through its complex history of political tension, dictatorship, and deep social/political divides that continue today. Meet people across the political spectrum, including the indigenous Mapuche, and learn the many complex perspectives shaping the current protests along with their magic culture.

Here we will learn the difference between traditional magic, meant to heal the soul and connect us with the divine world, and illusionism, which is used for pure entertainment. We will visit some magic stores, watch magic shows, and we might even experience a Mapuche sacred ritual with the pachamama (mother earth in mapuche lenguage or Mapudungun).

Nestled in the Andes Mountains, experience Santiago – the cultural, political, and economic capital of Chile. Explore human rights and Chilean history at the world-renowned Museum of Memory and Human Rights. Take a Chilean cooking class and learn about the way food interweaves with history. Visit the many cultural sites and activities that Santiago has to offer while experiencing rich Chilean cultural life

In colorful Valparaiso, experience Chilean life in an artistic haven by the sea. Learn about the unique way the protests have affected life in a smaller university beach town. Engage in community art projects and speak with activists and community members of all types. Visit the house of famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and soak in the relaxing vibes of the town while reflecting on all you have learned while eating some delicious seafood.

We also offer an optional touristic three day add-on to visit the magical San Pedro de Atacama desert in the northern part of Chile. Frolic and enjoy this unique terrain with salt flats, hot springs, geysers, volcanoes, and unusual rock formations. After all, it is the driest desert in the world!

Prepare for a travel experience that will differentiate you from participants in travel programs currently offered to high school students. This is a highly unique program that allows you to travel to Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile during a rare and important historical moment as we work with you to analyze conflict from the kaleidoscope of perspectives.

With a student to staff ratio of 5:1, we have only 10 spots available, so book today!

*Itinerary is subject to change to accommodate attendance at relevant cultural events and to meet with important speakers.


Day 1-5

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 6

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay

Day 7-10

Santiago, Chile

Day 11

Valparaíso, Chile

Day 12-15

San Pedro de Atacama (Optional Add-On)

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  • Food – Three meals per day
  • Transportation within Chile (flights and cars within country and flight from Argentina to Chile)
  • Program-Related Activities
  • 24/7 Support and Security throughout the program
  • Flight to/from South America (entering Buenos Aires, Argentina and returning from Santiago, Chile): We will coordinate students coming from the same departing destinations to arrive on the same flight.
  • Health & Travel Insurance: Upon enrollment, we will send information on health and travel insurance to facilitate the process.
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  • Visa (currently no visa is needed for U.S. citizens to travel to Argentina, Uruguay, or Chile as a tourist)
  • Pricing Name
    Group (Min-Max)
  • Pricing Name Argentina, Uruguay, Chile
    Start Sunday August 9, 2020
    End Thursday August 20, 2020
    1 - 10 Travelers
  • Pricing Name Argentina, Uruguay, Chile w/ San Pedro de Atacama 3 Day Add-On
    Start Sunday August 9, 2020
    End Monday August 24, 2020
    1 - 10 Travelers

Kaleidoscope is unique in three particular ways.

Realistic Goal: We have a realistic goal for your time abroad—to be able to analyze a conflict through many different perspectives. Many other study abroad companies inflate trips with a false promise to change lives by volunteering for a short period of time, and this can cause more harm than good. Instead, we focus on developing the way students think about and analyze international conflicts and contexts. We believe this will influence lasting change in the long term through educated social action, discussion, and voting. If you are really looking to make a lasting impact, join one of our programs!

Purpose: Our trips are fun AND filled with purpose. All aspects of the program are designed with a purpose—to help you walk away with both a deeper understanding of the conflict/situation and the ability to better analyze many types of conflict in general.

Analytical Skills: We go beyond simply adding another study abroad program to your resume by focusing on developing your ability to deeply analyze different types of conflicts.

We are focused on expanding the way those in the United States think about international issues, so we only accept students who attend schools within the United States.

You will interact and stay with locals as much as possible and will certainly have the opportunity to work on learning languages although this is not a central part of our program. In some cases dependent on interest, we may organize special opportunities to develop language skills as a part of our larger program goals.

Your experience with Kaleidoscope programs will take you far beyond the classroom and will help you to have a lasting positive impact. We are open to working with your school to offer you academic and/or volunteer credit.

Family GuideThis is a reference for families as students move through the study abroad and travel process.

Program Participant ContractThis document includes Terms and Conditions.

Make sure to also sign Attachment B.

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Supplemental Release FormThis form should be filled out by the parent(s)/guardian(s) and students.

Student Information FormThis form is for students to fill out so we can get to know preferences, goals, and aspirations.

Parental ConsentThis form should be filled out by parent(s)/guardian(s) and notarized.

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